Guide to EU Conflict Minerals Compliance

by Matt Thorn

on July 8, 2019

Executive Summary

After years of negotiations between the EU Commission, EU Parliament, & the EU Council, and pressure from NGO’s and special interest groups, the European Union agreed on legislation to regulate the usage of 3TG in their member states. The law will apply to importers of 3TG into the EU and will be implemented in January, 2021.

The European Union (EU) agreed to outline a deal to facilitate a focus on transparency in the supply chain, specifically the sourcing of conflict minerals. The EU regulation covers the sourcing of conflict minerals from anywhere in the world. The legislation goes further into the geographic scope than U.S. Dodd-Frank legislation (section 1502, finalized in 2012), which only looks into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and adjoining countries. The EU legislation will focus on importers of materials and substances used to make finished products such as cell phones, computers, light bulbs, automotive components, medical devices, and retail accessories.

This white paper is a guide to help you understand the EU conflict minerals legislation and how to best position your company for success.


Download the White Paper to learn more:

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