Toxic Substances Control Act Reform Edges Closer

by Source Intelligence

on January 27, 2016

Chemical safety has been at the forefront of consumers, manufacturers, and lawmakers minds for quite some time. As the fight to create a safer and healthier world goes on, many people have debated how best to enforce chemical regulations.

Toxic Substances Control Act Overhaul



This has been the case for the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) since 1976. According to an article published by Environmental Leader, there is a bill that seeks to reform the TSCA. The article stated that “both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed bills last year that aim to overhaul the TSCA”, showing that the debate is far from over. Predictably, there has been some pushback.



The article mentioned that quite a few attorneys general have submitted a letter urging Congress to reconsider. In the letter they said that individual states play a crucial role in chemical regulation. Among them was the attorney general for California, Kamala Harris. The article from Environmental Leader quoted her as saying “California’s environmental standards lead the nation in protecting our residents from harmful chemicals and pollutants, and my office has fought diligently to enforce them”, stating her concern for an individual state’s ability to be able to protect their citizens.

Regulatory landscapes are an ever-evolving topic that can have big impacts on consumers and manufacturers alike. As the trend towards supply chain transparency continues to grow, so to must an organization’s efforts to remain compliant and vigilant towards impending regulations that can impact their business. To find out how your organization can remain abreast of these regulations, click here.


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